New Lifetime Models

Our new lifetime value models feature all the design improvements of our ellipse valves models and incorporate the new features of our shaftless design. While other companies continue to produce the same old outdated designs and market them with fancy new names, Lifetime valves feature real fundamental design changes that are the future in diverter valves.

Lifetime valves can be installed in round pipe without the need for square to rounds.

Lifetime valves smaller size

Lifetime valves require no seals.

Upper Blade Perimeter

Bottom Edge of Blade

The lifetime valves small size, welded construction of 1/4" stainless steel flanges, 3/8" stainless steel blade, 1/8" stainless steel body combine to prevent damage from inside products and outside abuse.

The blade moves freely without sticking or dragging. As the blade moves off seat thru the valve side clearance becomes greater. This is particularly good for metal detectors, where fast and free movement aid in reaction time.

Pressure inside the valve as in conveying systems makes the blade seat tighter.

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